DaphoDILL has made quite the impression in her resume. DaphoDILL has been carving out the Hip-Hip genre after releasing her first underground single : “All Facts” featuring super-producer Zaytoven. Since then, she has amassed a long list of musical visuals in her work. She gave us her first album “Anomalous”. Dictating her struggle with life stressors, and dealing with mental health along the way. Before all of that,  she was Shannon Dill, growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and watching her family struggle through the ruins of there neighborhood. She tells us, “Dreams we’re a fantasy. Hope was only in our eyes. Struggle became a product of the system we were in trying to make it out.”

Climbing to where she is now, she empowered the struggle with the skills and talent she was given, to finance her musical career. In her album “Anomalous”, she talks about these visuals in her music. She slowly became the well known musical artist that we know today.

She released a book titled “Colors of Blue Shades of Black” in which she started writing while dealing with the depression as it came within her. That time marked a turning point. She made a promise to herself that he would change her life, and her families and start living.

DaphoDILL has definitely been making ahead-of-the-curve music. The way she analyzed the music construction, to form what we as an audience hears, is impeccable.

She often saw her music as a challenge at first. DaphoDILL being a member of the LGBTQA community set forth a different perspective to others. In a men dominated career, DaphoDILL often saw these obstacles more as a for-set to change the music industry. Singles such as “Misplaced A Misses” really took those on in her musical talent. Those listening wanted a completely different route, because of the lgbtqa persona is held. 

DaphoDILL has been making quite the impression. Her visual art in music has definitely defined an anomalous retrospective of sounds and performance. Her latest visuals signify trauma. She often talked about her trauma as a kid, and she definitely wanted us to see where her visuals could go. DaphoDILL is definitely a must watch and treasure to the music industry.


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