Roberto De Mario, better known by his stage name Glashrs, is a budding music star from South Florida attempting to establish himself in the music industry. Since he was six years old, he has been on a musical path that has left him with no regrets.

A writer, producer, and emerging artist, among other things, Bobby De Mario is well-known in the United States for his work in a variety of fields. Glashrs stage name is “Glashrs,” and he hopes to make a reputation for himself as a musician in the music industry. Bobby grew up in the Florida town of Vero Beach, where he was born and raised.

Musical career

Glashrs musical career began when he was just six years old, at six years. In his hometown, he has a large and loyal following of supporters. His incredible talent will cause you to fall in love with him the moment you hear him for the first time fusing hip-hop and electronic music for the first time.

The artists in his community first became aware of his brilliance. The passage of time allowed him to attain global recognition. Even though it’s been a year since “Running” dropped, he’s been consistently releasing excellent music for the past three years.

Work has earned all praises.

Glashrs work has earned overwhelmingly good reviews and praise from various artists and fans alike. At the beginning of his lectures, he gave his audience goosebumps. Even though his professional career is just getting started, he has a bright future ahead of him, and he will most likely come up with something creative and unique at some point throughout his professional career.

To make his musical goals a reality, Glashrs is determined to take the steps required to accomplish this goal. Let us fast-forward many years, at which point, after countless hours spent polishing his craft; Glashrs is prepared to take on the music industry head-on and demonstrate his ability to the rest of the world.

“Where I Stand”

The young artist’s most recent album, “Where I Stand,” is a fantastic presentation of his abilities. Glashrs is a unique sound that combines two of the most popular genres, electronic dance music, and hip hop, into a single coherent whole unlike anything else on the market.

In the end, this concoction results in the music, which is further enhanced by the harmonies given by his voices tracks? Together, these two immensely brilliant and motivated musicians have collaborated to create a song that will play on radio stations and the internet for years to come.

The song “Where I Stand” will become a memorable one with only one listen, and it will keep listeners coming back for more. Nothing will stand in the way of Glashrs taking this to the next level, and with the momentum he has gained, it will only be a matter of time before something important occurs to him. Maintaining close tabs on this outstanding young musician is essential given his bright career ahead of him.

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