The music is always at the heart of every Indian and music video is always worth watching. Rohit Negah is one such name that is distinctly stood out in the music video direction. Rohit with his concepts and ideas taking the internet by storm. Rohit is a upcoming music video director with par excellence and sheer talent.

Starting off from grass roots Rohit began his career as a lead actor in a music video but his passion of direction and his brilliant conceptualisations had other plans.
He got a break when he directed his video.
His first video back in 2016 was a big hit and introduced Rohit as a coveted music video director.

In a short span of time , Rohit became a sensation in music video industry through his ideas and concepts. Rohit co founded his own “47 Studios” production house which has directed many videos and have many bangers on list.

Rohit has previously directed famous artists like Bilal Saeed in “Judaiyaan” song and Tegi Pannu along with Manni Sandhu in his previous video directions. Soon Rohit will be working with many superstars of the industry.

Rohit has always believed that hard work never goes in wain one must believe in himself and never lose hope , success will be gained .

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