Ronaldo Rodriguez, known professionally as Rony, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter from Portland, Oregon. Rony was born on September 6, 1999, in Mission Viejo, California. He later moved to Portland in 2005, where he spent most of his early years. Since 2020, Rony has released 7 singles, including hit songs “Red Bottoms (feat. HS Dro)”, and “No Cap”.

Rony began learning to play clarinet in middle school, but decided Band class was not for him. So, he began to rap over YouTube beats at the age of 13, and fell in love with the rap game. Unfortunately, Rony ran into some legal troubles early in his youth, and was unable to focus on his passion. In 2018, Rony graduated from Southridge High School. But, was unable to walk due to poor grades. He was devastated his mom couldn’t see him walk across the stage being the first graduate in the family.

Songwriting is also one of the many skills I always had growing up. Although I never knew it, I always enjoyed writing stories. And, I do believe it helps me write music much quicker. For me, it’s an art form, a way to express yourself and show the world your thoughts. There’s a lot that goes into bringing a song together. I like to think of it as writing a very short book. The songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering, etc. I enjoy every step of the process, and don’t see it as work.

1 year after releasing his first song, Rony has already managed to get over 8,000 followers on Instagram, get verified on Spotify, and become the 14th hottest Artist on the Portland US Charts. On June of 2020, Rony founded RRR Records. Since then, he signed Richdolla503, a Brooklyn native. Tyler Redell, a childhood friend, also became their manager and business partner. Stoney, is Rony’s personal head of Security, and head of RRR Records Security.

We asked Rony what does RRR Records stand for? Rony said is stands for (Ronaldo, Rony, Rodriguez), his initiails. Rony is only his stage name, a name given by his mother when he was very young. Rony currently has his Recording Studio at his house. He let’s all the people in his camp come over, rap over beats, and make music.

Rony has taken the Portland rap scene in a little bit over a year. It has been very impressive to cover him, and watch how far he has growed. Rony plans to add additional people to the label. And, drop a group Album/EP. Follow Rony on Instagram for more updates @theofficialrony

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