DJ DC started his career way too early. He got his first DJ gig when he was just 18. But DJ DC has never looked back since then. He didn’t imagine that he would become so popular among his fans and followers in such a short period. 

The success of DJ DC can also be explained by the fact that he is liked by everyone irrespective of their age group. Starting from school-going kids, office goers to people who enjoy their solitude in their post-retirement phases, DJ DC enjoys massive support from music lovers irrespective of their social status, gender, and age group. 

DJ DC knows how to present tracks in an interesting and intuitive manner at events, pubs, and concerts. His peppy tracks and musical notes directly connect with the audience making the show or event more interactive.  

“I have been crazy about new music releases and EPs. Starting from singles, music videos, and duets to albums, I spent countless hours listening to new tracks and songs. I scrutinize each track before I make the final selection of songs to be played at events. It’s difficult but not impossible. Sometimes, you may find all tracks equally evocative and interesting, but as a DJ your success depends upon the choice of your song selection,” DJ DC explained. 

DJ DC was born and raised in California, but soon he went to Virginia where his ambition got a big boost. As a self-made artist, DJ DC didn’t know how to start his career as a professional DJ. However, his association with the CEO of the GIFT AND THE CURSES DANCE CREW literally changed everything for good. 

He performed for them and soon, he started getting a lot of Djing gigs from big event organizers, pub owners, and nightclub organizers. 

DJ DC has performed in several musical events all across the US in his professional career as a DJ. Some of the major venues and events where he performed as a DJ are African American Cultural Centre, Lingerie Birthday Bash (Chesapeake, Virginia), Club Love (Washington), and many more.  

DJ DC has been a keen observer of music since his childhood. He honed his Djing skills by watching YouTube videos and attending various musical fests and shows. 

“I believe my turning point in life came when I got an opportunity to perform for the CEO of the GIFT AND THE CURSES DANCE CREW. It got me noticed and the audience who turned out in large numbers for those shows started appreciating my Djing talents. I am fully dedicated to this profession. I spent a lot of hours on my practice and skills. But overall, I am enjoying the way my career is now shaping up in recent times,” DJ DC quoted. 

The audience has a diverse taste in music. Some like to hear peppy and eccentric tunes while others enjoy calm and soothing tracks. It is the responsibility of any DJ to make everyone happy. It is indeed a difficult task, but as long as you have adequate presentation skills, fine taste in music, and knowledge of the latest tracks and musical notes—you can become a successful DC anywhere in the world.

Today, DJ DC is one of the most promising and emerging DJ artists based out of the United States. As the US is gradually returning to normalcy, with most of its theaters, pubs, and auditoriums getting reopened to the public, DJ DC has been flooded with new Djing offers from event managers and show organizers. 

You can follow DJ DC online on his official Instagram profile now to know more about his new events and shows.