In recent years we have noticed that music has become a very big part of a person’s life. Music is an art. It takes quite hard work to take a material and make something artistic out of it. Good music holds the power to make people feel emotions and only a few artists are able to make people feel emotions through their music. One such person is Mandys

Born on 23rd October 1998 in Gurgaon Mandys completed his schooling at Chiranjiv Bharati school, Gurgaon and then did his Graduation from Amity university, Haryana. Growing up he was quite passionate about music and always wanted to excel in it and make a career out of it. He wanted to write his own songs and play his own music. He practised day and night and soon was ready to debut. When he released his debut track, “Achi Achi Lage” it immediately went viral. It has more than 867k views on the official music video. his debut song helped him gain immense recognition in the whole music industry. 

Mandy’s feels music is all about knowing how to reach people’s emotions through sound. Till now he has collaborated with several top artists of the industry. He has worked with top production houses like zee music company and mad world music. He recently made a comeback with his Haryanvi singles Bangle featuring Gurlez Akhtar. this track gained quite an appreciation from the public. it has over 1 million views on its official music video. Currently, Mandys looks forward to hitting the top charts and become one of the top artists in the industry. He is actively working on his upcoming albums whose details will soon be revealed to the public. Thus, through hard work, courage and determination, Mandys was able to establish himself as one of the finest rising artists in this industry.

Mandys has just stepped into the music industry, yet in this short span of time, has already collaborated with the top artists of India. He has made it very clear that he is not going to stop anytime soon and has the aim to hit the top charts. To know more about the rising musical genius and to get a glimpse of the star’s life behind the stage, follow him on the links of his social media handles given below:



Make sure to check out his latest song “Bangle” on YouTube as well:


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