Serial entrepreneur and top-tier property investor Jason Jouan has come to be known as one of the finest real estate professionals in the UK. Here is how he is contributing towards the property investing and development revolution in the country.

Jason Jouan was born on 25 December 1994 in London, UK. His initial encounter with the property investing industry was through Samuel Leeds, his mentor. After Jason Jouan realized the profitability prospects in real estate, he decided to go all-in.

His decision proved to be a fruitful one as Jason is now counted amongst the few top-tier property investors in the United Kingdom. His investments in property and development projects have generated over £300,000 profit in his first year of investing.

Jason Jouan is creating a legacy in the property industry and aims to help others through his journey. His clients and investors get exclusive access to highly profitable property deals along with investment opportunities of guaranteed 10-12% ROI.

Jason Jouan is a transparent entrepreneur who shares industry insights, his latest property investments, and general pitfalls to avoid in Real Estate on his official Instagram handle (@JasonJouan). Jason’s followers respect him and look up to him for advice regarding properties.

Starting out, Jason Jouan invested well over £10,000 in educating himself about the industry. He was criticized by his close associates as he quit his high profile job at a Fortune 500 firm to pursue his passion of properties.

“As much as I saw working in the financial industry as a steady solid pathway, it never gave me financial fulfillment. I was on a good pay and had a steady career path set in the company as they believed in me but I saw the potential and other side in property and took the plunge! I haven’t looked back since,” recalls Jason.

He continues to acquire high return-yielding properties at a rapid pace. Jason has received recognition from leading publications such as US Times Now, Stats Globe, Apster Media, and Yahoo Finance for being a leading serial entrepreneur, influencer, and property investors from London.

The 27-year-old property entrepreneur Jason Jouan is just warming up and has a lot more plans to execute in the property industry. 

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