A live-action Resident Evil series is coming to Netflix this mid year, and a secret offers a first glance at what the future holds. The story happens across two timetables and areas: an apparently immaculate New Raccoon City in the current day and a demolished rendition of London in 2036.

In 2022, we see Albert Wesker (Lance Reddick) bringing his girls Jade and Billie to New Raccoon City. Albert works for the Umbrella Corporation, which releases the staggering T-infection on mankind. Quick forward 14 years and Jade is one of the last 15 million or so individuals on Earth. She attempts to endure the zombie end of the world while retribution with her family’s dim privileged insights.

The show will expand on existing legend from the Resident Evil games however will have a unique story. The secret makes it pretty clear this is essentially a frightfulness series with some activity wound around in. There are gestures to the games also, including a fast glimmer of a zombie canine toward the end.

This show follows on from the anime Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which hit Netflix last year. The initial eight-episode time of Resident Evil will show up on July fourteenth.

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