Recall shows? Heading off to a particular spot to watch artists play out their songs … live? Well we just observed Machine Gun Kelly’s VMAs pre-show execution, and we’re nostalgic indeed, wishing we could’ve been first column on that rooftop.

The rapper-artist performed two songs from his up and upcoming album Tickets to My Downfall. For the taped exhibition, he played “my ex’s best friend” with blackbear on a housetop during the day, at that point “grisly valentine” with Travis Barker from an alternate, lit-up working around evening time.

Also, we know, we know, it’s Machine Gun Kelly, however those four minutes of music sort of ripped. See you (and Megan Fox?) at the Machine Gun Kelly show when this is finished? MGK as of now caught a Moonperson today, winning the resuscitated class of best option for his “bloody valentine” video, which featured Fox.

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