Mashawi Riley has given back-to-back hit numbers, all of which have given him immense love and appreciation from the audiences.

The more we choose to speak about young talented beings doing outstandingly well in their respective industries, the more it feels to talk about them. Ever wondered why? Because these success stories have the power and influence to change the lives of other aspiring talents of the world. There have been a handful of talented beings, especially in the music realm, who have astounded people across the world with their musical genius, and among them, we couldn’t help but notice the rapid rise of Mashawi Riley from Toronto Canada. He is all about his pure love and innate musical skills, which have allowed him to make his name prominent in the industry, even amidst fierce competition.

Some individuals create their success stories from scratch, and Mashawi Riley did the same as a self-driven and self-motivated individual as a singer and musical talent. He always knew he was made for the music world as he belonged to a family that was much into the industry already. Taking inspiration from them and honing his skills constantly, he made sure to become a more refined talent at every stage of his life. However, being creative at heart, he first explored other artistic realms like fashion and aced the game in the industry as a celebrity stylist and fashion trailblazer.

However, he came back to his first love, music, and decided to make strides in the industry as a modern-day singing talent with the power to influence and engage his audiences and music lovers. From “Did it on my own,” his debut single in August 2018, to creating other mesmerizing tracks like Chocolate, Shimmy Shake It, Come Home, Confusion, Pt.2, and many other tracks, he came a long way. In 2019, when he released his album “Rise N Shine,” he truly rose and shone brighter in the industry with his musical prowess.

Mashawi Riley’s songs are available across platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, Amazon Music, Facebook, Tidal, and many more. He has indeed earned the love of his listeners through each of his tracks. Do follow him on Instagram @unicornmashawi.

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