Creativity is one of the most amazing attributes that people can dedicate themselves to in this life. Nurturing it within yourself, as well as inspiring it in others is one of the most worthwhile and noble choices one can make because creativity and art are what helps us ascend past our modest human condition into something much greater. At the tender age of 21 years old, Aditya Nair, also known as, KAIDONTKRY, is set to winning over fans across the globe with his unique talent and his clear passion for music. The sky’s the limit for this young, immensely gifted artist. But a talent cannot flourish without someone behind it to nurture and grow it. That is where Hrithik Singh, also known as, Mr. Medrock, comes into the picture. He has taken up the responsibility for KAIDONTKRY’s management and it’s a pair to be reckoned with. KAIDONTKRY is Mr. Medrock’s first collaboration with an artist to release a whole album. Hrithik Singh has secured the first project and is ready to introduce KAIDONTKRY to the music industry.

KAIDONTKRY and Mr. Medrock were in the same school as kids and here they are, several years later, working on such a huge project together. Being younger, KAIDONTKRY always looked up to Mr. Medrock and when he decided to work on his album, Mr. Medrock was the first and only person he trusted to turn to for his music debut. In the past, Mr. Medrock has worked with notable record labels such XO, The Weeknd’s record label and YSL, Young Thug’s record label but KAIDONTKRY is his first management gig, and he is sure to succeed like he has in all his past ventures. When KAIDONTKRY first approached him with his music, he saw untapped potential and decided to push his limits as an artist to make him grow. He believes in him as an artist and believes in the potential he has which furthers the partnership they have. He saw a spark in him that could define a new story to the music industry, and he could see a judicious blend of his management skills along with KAIDONTKRY’s musical skills, which would allow KAIDONTKRY to get a firm foothold in the music industry. In addition to that, Mr. Medrock also saw the potential of turning KAIDONTKRY’s vision into reality and is now working towards helping him achieve it. They are now officially working together to bring KAIDONTKRY and his music to the world. The first album, My Bad, is all set to leave a mark on the music industry.

By watching how the industry moves and flows, both, KAIDONTKRY and Mr. Medrock are constantly in tune to make sure he stands apart from the rest while still holding true to his influences as well as his roots. KAIDONTKRY aims to focus on his craft first- make great music that will make people love him. He perseverance and passion towards music is truly inspiring and his vision is something larger than just your average person’s, while Mr. Medrock aims to push him as an artist so that he can reach far and wide to unlock his fullest potential. With unique talent, a passion to make a mark and the perseverance to go with it, this duo is onto something and it’s going to be a sight to behold when it reaches the world.