Music is food for the soul. It is medicine for many people and a crucial part of everyday life. Music has helped many people to understand their feelings, express their passions and interact with diverse cultures worldwide. Abdullah Mehmood adds that music has the power to break barriers and bring together people from different walks of life.

Abdullah Mehmood is an inspiring musician who has achieved huge milestones at such a young age. He started following his passion from an early age. Now, Abdullah is the founder of Rex Media Group, a media and public relations agency. He realized the power of social media to reach out to wider audiences worldwide. One of his mega achievements includes three YouTube channels with over 100,000 subscribers.

Abdullah is a raging social media personality, besides being a talented musician. His debut song, Distorted, has managed to grab the attention of the whole music industry. M Talha Star, a famous musician, also features in Distorted. The followers of Abdullah Mehmood on social media are praising his song.

The young entrepreneur says that he put a lot of effort into making a phenomenal debut in the music industry. The debut song depicts his hard work behind his new creative dimension.

Abdullah Mehmood is now planning to release an album in the upcoming days naming Dynamite under Rex Media Group and Showcase Films. Apart from Distorted, he released “Life” and “Starlight” as Singles and EPs. This fresh talent was part of music tours to Karachi in October 2020. Similarly, he toured Islamabad in November 2020 to showcase his musical skills. He is chasing his dream relentlessly. Moreover, he is helping young entrepreneurs by providing them mentorships under his media and public relations agency. He aims to earn a huge reputation in the field of music.

Abdullah recently shared that music was his passion since adolescence. As far as his recent achievements are concerned, he is going to become a successful musician. He is on his way to go big in the music industry as a professional singer.

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