Hailing from Southern California, Ross Victory is a singer, songwriter, and author who combines his passions and skills in order to tell stories that hit home, raw and genuine in ways that allow connections to be forged with his artistry almost instantaneously. Having suffered losses of family members, Victory’s songs are often introspective and sincere, urging not only himself but his audience to confront the deeper, sometimes hidden parts of themselves – something that is not always easily done. However, always one to rise to the challenge, Ross Victory uses his voice, his platform, and his innate connection to the soul in order to speak on human experiences and how in all situations, growth is still possible.

Continuing with these trends, Ross Victory has a new release on the horizon, one that is more than apt for the world we are in today. Combining smooth vocals, thoughtful lyrics written by Victory himself, and compelling instrumentals featuring trumpet and harp elements, “My Fault” will be released on April 30th, 2021. Produced by Lucid Soundz while the mixing and mastering was done by Pxncho Beats! at Good Vibez Studios, Victory looked at what was going on around him to create and deliver this song. On the message of “My Fault,” he has said, “at the core, it’s about moving forward, even when it feels like it’s your fault.” Essentially, this track is one that focuses on self-reflection – where am I in my life, and what happens next? Where do we go from here? In a social climate that often feels too heavy to be carried alone, Ross Victory utilises “My Fault” to reach out to each and every person who might be feeling lonely or forgotten in this world, letting them know through this introspective song that they do, in fact, have someone right there with them – someone who knows what it is like and may be feeling the same way. By doing so, “My Fault” also delivers encouragement that your best is being recognised and that going forward, “standing tall” is something that will be possible for us all, regardless of what society and the media may be saying.Created with both expertise and thoughtful consideration, “My Fault” showcases what makes Ross Victory so appealing to his audience. With an ability to connect with so many through his words and lyricism, the April 30th release is one that is timely, impactful, and necessary in today’s world.

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