Hip-hop has truly emerged as a music genre that transcends all kinds of boundaries. Imagine a kid born in Bangladesh making it big in the American Hip-hop scene. It sounds like a dream but in Hip-hop, everything is possible. Smoove Desi is an American rapper who was born in Sylhet, Bangladesh, and moved to the United States during his childhood. The rapper is widely popular for his amazing bars and punchlines and is notorious for destroying rappers in battle rap. This is a story of an underdog going from the bottom to the top. 

Every hip-hop artist wants to make it big. But to make it big in hip-hop these days, you need to have a combination of three things, your flow, punchlines, and your ingenuity which is your USP that separates you from the crowd. Hip-hop is extremely competitive and with the advent of social media apps, the distribution channels have opened the gates of opportunities but it is up to the artist themselves how they use it. Smoove Desi has got all that it takes to make it big in the industry. He has got the flow, the bars, and most importantly, he does not believe in copying anyone i.e., he is as original as it gets in his style. Talking about his inspirations, he said that he has been inspired by many rappers in the scene including Big Pun, Jay Z, Nas, State Property, Fabolus, D-Block, G-Unit, Dipset.

Narrating his story about getting started in the rap scene, he said, “I started rapping when I was in middle school, I still remember vividly I was 12 when I would freestyle to my friends banging on the table making beats. I fall in love with the craft and then, I started participating in the battle raps and hookie parties but I couldn’t take my career any further because I was too caught up in the street politics back then.”

In 2016, he was shot which didn’t make things better. Music seemed to be far from his mind. Luckily, he decided he had enough and needed to turn back to his true love – Music. After spending several months in the studio, the New York City lyricist finally decided to make his debut with his first single titled “Mastani” which got all the fans excited and on board the Smoove Desi train. His style is different and rightly so because he represents his culture and his songs have taken the states by storm. Upon asking about his upcoming projects, Smoove Desi said, “I can’t wait to let the fans hear what I have in store for them. When asked what kind of music he makes? He replied I have so many songs in all different genres I don’t even know how to label my style. I’m just in my own lane Smoove Desi lane!”

We just hope to listen to more of his songs because as soon as I listened to “Mastaani”, I knew I have fallen in love with it. You can follow the artist on Instagram and stay updated with his upcoming projects.

You could find his new music video on YouTube , Spotify and Apple Music .

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