The passionate, talented being’s excellence in the world of music and films has brought him to the industry’s forefront.

There are so many people and professionals that we hear about every day, working day in and day out to make their unique niche in their respective industries of the world. However, do all of them go ahead in making it huge in their niches? Well, there definitely have been a few who have astounded the world with their incredible skills and talents and have shown what it truly takes to become one’s best version, even amidst much competition. Doing that and much more in the world of music and films is one such extremely talented guy named ELEVENNYNE, the one who has been making a lot of buzz around his craft in these industries.

ELEVENNYNE may seem to be just another guy from the neighbourhood, but he is definitely much more than what people see him. He has immersed himself in the fields of music and film production and has made sure to hone his skills every day to go beyond what he expects out of himself. This very attitude and approach to working in these competitive fields have what allowed him to reach the forefront of the industry in no time, motivating many other budding talents across the world, vying to make their mark in music and film production. ELEVENNYNE hails from South Central California and came from humble family backgrounds, but his quest to do something big in life and to listen to his heart to be a part of the creative and the artistic realms helped him pave his own path to success. Today, ELEVENNYNE looks unstoppable as a one-of-a-kind music artist, executive, and film producer.

His years of hard work led him to work with some of the most prominent names in the film and music industry. He has even managed many events collaborating with companies like Live Nation. ELEVENNYNE is quite excited about his own independent film in the making called “Adam & Eve,” which will feature international star Brian Hooks. ELEVENNYNE is a growing music artist and also serves as the Bungalo Records Executive Director.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @elevennyne.