In the hustle and bustle of Turkey, especially the city of Istanbul, maybe in clubs and places where everyone is looking for a better feeling, you are looking for a good vibe, what better than music, do you want to hear your favorite music in it.  A new way after the presence of a professional DJ is required.  After this crowd, we reached one of the most professional ones, DJ Soushi.  who draws many audiences to his music with his programs and performances.  Tonight in one of the best clubs in Turkey.  We saw his unique performance.  About 2000 people have gathered here to enjoy the music and the professional hands of DJ Soushi.  Perhaps this is a new record among Iranians living in Istanbul, a unique and thoughtful performance and the right music choices that say he is a full-fledged DJ.

A professional DJ has characteristics that many other DJs may not follow or are unaware of.

 But following these small tips will make you a professional DJ and distinguish you from others.

If we want to point out one of the characteristics of a good DJ, we should prioritize good manners.  Even if your party DJ is an expert and professional, if he is not on time, he can ruin your plans, so it is not worth it.  So promise and commitment is the most important feature of a good DJ.  Another important feature of a professional DJ is having expertise and professional performance.  A good DJ should choose the right music according to the age group of the guests, the type of party, the atmosphere of the party and the mood of the guests.  The DJ will manage the energy of the guests at the party.  So what better way to choose a DJ so that your guests are happy and enthusiastic at the end of the party.  Another important feature that should be present in a DJ is the ability to control and direct the party.  With special tools in hand, the DJ can control the excitement of the guests.  In the meantime, with politics and inducing more excitement and happiness, he can implement everything better than before.

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