The movie Klanta, directed by Vaibhav Prashanth and starring Vignesh and Sangeetha Bhat, will open in theaters on January 19. The makers released the teaser for this thrilling action movie on Tuesday before it was officially released. The film also explores a devotional angle, with a focus on Koragaja, the director reveals.

“This script was crafted during the Covid period,” says director Prashanth. At first, we wanted to feature Daiva, a sacred god in Tulu culture, but Kantara has already covered that ground in great detail. On the other hand, our movie investigates the holy side of Koragajja, who stands in for a strong god in Tulunadu. “It has its own special meaning in the film and blends seamlessly with the thrilling action thriller,” remarks the director, who made his feature film debut with Rangan Style, in which Pradeep and Sudeep made cameo appearances. He adds, “I also directed the Tulu movie Dagalbaajilu.”

Recently, a song featuring Rajesh Krishnan singing Koragajja was released by the makers. In addition to the main cast, Veena Sundar, Deepika, Praveen Jain, Yuva, and Swapna play significant roles in Klanta. Panchami Vamanjur is the daughter of well-known Tulu stage actor Bhojaraj Vamanjur. Under the Anugraha Power Media banner, Uday Ammanya is the film’s producer. AP Chandrakanth provided the music, Mohan Loknathan handled the cinematography, and PR Sounder Raj handled the editing.

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