When I think about Whipp King, three things make me reflect on the work that he’s done. The first thing is his style. The style in which he talks to the camera or how he delivers a certain message to the fans through music. The second thing about Whipp King is the way his image appears on screen and inspires fans to do certain things with their lives or the way they live day-to-day. I’m talking about how Whipp King’s persona draws people to him as an artist and a person with a personality who doesn’t just sit by idly but rather creates change by being himself as an inspired rapper of our time who truly cherishes hip hop. And lastly, it’s his cadence when he sings or raps that surprises and delights me the most, and these are the things that make me believe that he is here to stay, something not seen very often nowadays in hip hop music but something quite refreshing and so suited for hip hop culture itself.

Whipp King has recently launched his Mixtape “The Top is Lonely” on 12 April 2022 which has become a huge hit.

Whipp King tasted a huge success recently when his song “Money Train” became a global hit. Money Train is the collaboration between Whipp King and Project Pat who is huge in the HipHop scene. Whipp King has been involved in the music industry for a long time. Through the years, Whipp King has made notable connections with many well-recognized rappers, artists, producers, and entrepreneurs. Whipp King said that once he likes doing something, he goes all in and it is because his hard-working nature that he is able to achieve so much more.

Whipp King’s recent EP music is about the same thing where he would try to communicate how when you get successful, people turn their back on you and it gets lonely on the top.



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