Daniel Philip has been running a global holdings company for more than four years now. Music has never been his bread and butter. The young music artist is also a very serious entrepreneur and investor. He has been in the business world more than music. Music is only an outlet for him to escape and disconnect from the world for a moment. A creative journal. Constantly travelling is part of his lifestyle. Also something he very much enjoys. His track called “Home” was his first ever published track on Spotify. He recently removed the track as he felt it was far too personal to be shared for the public. 

We asked what the song was all about. He said;

“Home for me is a song written and produced a year and a half ago filled with emotions. This is a song I thought through very long and hard as this track is where I wanted to convey what I really wanted to say in those four years I’m away. It’s an expression to my family. I wrote it for them. It’s about longing to go home and making that decision that it’s time to go home.” – Daniel Philip

He also added;

“I’ve been travelling since I was sixteen and I do miss my family 100%. However, I also do feel that home is where the heart is. I have so many places I call home as I travel quite a lot and meet a lot of people not just personally but also business. However, I also do think I’m missing out so much on what’s going on with my family and this song is dedicated to them.” – Daniel Philip

He truly was very candid on what the song meant for him. He took it off from Spotify as he feels it’s deeply personal. He remembers adding a message for his brother on the second verse about how much he’s grown and become a remarkable young man in those four years he was away. Or knowing his sister is currently dating someone which he absolutely has no knowledge of. He does feel like he’s missing out on all of his family interactions. However, as much as he wants to be involved in all their individual lives like being able to sit with the young lad his sister is dating to really understand his intentions or spending more time with his brother who is doing his own thing, he mentioned how much he adores and loves each and everyone. Home is an expression of that timeless love.

We all go through a phase in our lives that we have to find our own identity and purpose and that may cause several years of distance from the people we deeply care about. This is indeed inevitable. Daniel Philip acknowledges the time he’s spending away is because he wants to live a meaningful life filled with purpose and good deeds but feeling like you’re missing out on all those connections is truly normal and that’s the message behind his song Home.

He also added that Home is where the heart is. There’s no doubt Daniel has created multiple communities all around the world in line with his entrepreneurial path. He has been planting seeds of wisdom, connection, generosity and empathy everywhere in his travels. Therefore home to him is where his heart is.

Daniel Philip is a fascinating and interesting musician. He’s planning on releasing a lot more raw music on Spotify. Check out all of his singles. Connect with him on Instagram if you want to collaborate. 

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