He built his business from scratch, learning through the process and became one of the top gamers, video and content creators.

With time the developments the world has seen due to the onset of digitalization and the various new advances that the world makes due to digital revolutions is something that has made all of us completely influenced by the online mediums. Since the online world has opened up many doors of opportunities for many newcomers in the entrepreneurial sector, we have been witness to developments in the world like never before. The power of social media is also something that can help in turning a business lucrative. Optimizing and leveraging these mediums is a youngster we came across, who is a gifted individual, known as Zachary Tarnopol, aka Poke creating waves as an internationally renowned gamer and video and content creator who is influencing the next generation through his astounding work on YouTube and other online platforms, that aims to teach the youth and the kids lessons, helping them to broaden their knowledge and perspectives.

He is one of the most sought-after Roblox content creators that offers a gaming creation system to developers, who give an excellent experience to youngsters aged under 18 years. Poke is a leader in the same, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. Even after being a well-known gamer with so far having more than 200 video games and counting, Poke keeps learning new gaming techniques and tricks from fellow gamers.

YouTube is the platform that changed Poke’s life to an altogether different level. As a kid of only 9 years of age, Poke initiated his YouTube channel ‘Poke’ (https://www.youtube.com/c/Pokediger1/about) in 2007 and since then this youngster has never looked back.

His YouTube channel over the years has gained about 4.54 million subscribers with YouTube video views of more than 1 Billion. His channel has gained so much popularity because Poke never fails to impress his audiences with innovative entertainment videos and content on real-life experiments and pranks, etc.

In the year 2017, after 10 years of running a successful YouTube channel, Poke came up with his firm called Poke Media LLC, that works around influencing the next generation with distinctive content creation and production and has now even hired contractors and employees to expand their vision together. Poke considers his business as the next generation of cartoons across the TV. Since all of us live in the digital media world, newer ideas and concepts have been created by Poke through gaming and real-life content that teaches some essential lessons to the youngsters and kids and makes them look at the bigger meaning behind it.

In the next five years, Poke sees his company as a team of driven employees who create contents across tens of channels. The business that Poke is building and growing each day would have a more profound impact on many other influencers on YouTube in the near future, believes Poke.

Poke has a gigantic following across all social media platforms like Instagram with 215K + followers (https://www.instagram.com/pokey/), TikTok with 500K followers, Twitch and Roblox with over 1 million followers. He has also produced and created an Amazon Prime Video Series (total 36 seasons) with so far successful 248 episodes.

Poke has had a notable role as Bacon Soldier in the movie ‘The Last Guest’. His success as a creative young entrepreneur and influencer has got him featured on famous media, news features and press like TechZimo, ABC News, GameWave, Genius.com, Macleans and Libero amongst many others.

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