Skip DMV was born and raised in the historic city of Washington DC. He has always wanted to become an artist when he was young. Now, he’s not just fulfilling his dream as a rapper but also starting his journey as a trendsetter.

Skip DMV joined his elder brothers when he was just 13. The musical group came to be known as a ‘DaFam.’ The group performed a lot of stage shows and concerts. The response from the audience was fantastic each time. This inspired them to come up with better and more interesting shows.

It was during this period, Skip DMV’s creative skills and musical talents got recognized. Soon, a lot of music labels came forward offering him and his brothers a chance to collaborate with them. And since then, Skip DMV has never looked back.

“The first few years were quite challenging for me. Though I used to enjoy writing songs for  DaFam Group, gradually I started getting bigger audiences. My sole focus at that time was to hone my skills and sharpen my creative abilities. I collaborated with several great artists in my musical career, like Yung Juan, KT, Young Crazy, Lil Dream, and many more. I learned a lot from them,” Skip DMV.

Skip DMV doesn’t want to repeat what others are doing. He believes in carving his own niche in rapping, singing, and composing tunes. Each time you listen to Skip DMV’s tunes, you’ll find them new, thoughtful, and refreshing.

Skip DMV has already got featured in several peppy tracks, including My Love, Weekend, Exposed, and others. Each of them got lots of hits and likes. Skip DMV’s tracks are now available across online music streaming channels like YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. Simply type his name on the query or search box and start enjoying his peppy tracks, which can surely liven up your mood and spirit.

Skip DMV enjoys a massive fan following online. His fans appreciate his creative skills and wonderful compositions. Listeners impatiently wait for Skip DMV’s new releases. They often interact with Skip DMV online on his social media channels either asking him about his future releases or simply thanking him for his outstanding lyrics and compositions.

Skip DMV’s songs and tunes directly connect with his fans. They feel his compositions work as a pure stress-buster and keep their mind free from unwanted stress and tensions.

“I create my own imagination while writing new compositions or tracks. Whatever I write I make sure that my tracks are thought-provoking and offer something new to my fans and followers. I take inspiration from my surroundings, the current era in which we live, and various other problems that we encounter in our daily lives. That is the reason why you feel my words are so real and enticing,” Skip DMV explained.

Skip DMV opined that if his songs and composition make a person feel happy and relaxed even for a few hours, he would consider it a big achievement for him. He always wants to cheer up the people around him.

Skip DMV is so passionate about music that can spend hours researching his new beats and writing lyrics. His primary focus now is to produce quality tunes in the rap, pop, R&B, and hip-hop genres with a slight tint of his own originality.

Skip DMV considers himself blessed. He has got a tremendous amount of love and respect from his fans and followers ever since he plunged into the world of professional music.

“I only feel more responsible now. My followers have lots of expectations from me. I can’t let them down. My only target is now to produce even better tracks,” Skip DMV concluded.

In the creative world, be it music and singing, there’s no place for complacency. You have to keep improving your art. A true artist is always restless.

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