The full music video for “MO-EH-YO,” shot on the Google Pixel 6, is presently accessible.

As yet, the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro have spilled practically completely, between specs, benchmarks, evaluating spills, and even Google themselves displaying the telephone’s plan. One thing that we haven’t seen quite a bit of is exactly how fit the Pixel 6 is for taking photographs and recordings, outside of a sole arrangement of models taken in a long way from-ideal conditions.

As spotted by This is Tech Today, we have our first authority see video taken on a Pixel 6 series gadget, because of a music video coming soon from Kaze Fujii. While the full video doesn’t deliver until October 24, well after Google takes the wraps off the telephone, Fujii has shared a mystery for “MO-EH-YO” (or “Light”) which seems to highlight 15 seconds of film from the Pixel 6.

Lamentably, there’s not all that much we can tell about the Pixel 6’s camera quality from the secret video, especially in light of the fact that it’s altogether clearly. The mystery is additionally not accessible in 4K, making it harder to see the maximum capacity subtleties that could be available.

All things considered, from what we do have, the fine subtleties in Fujii’s hair and coat appear to be fresh and distinct, even moving. While a long way from an authoritative glance at the Pixel 6 camera, this music video’s initial bother shows guarantee for Google’s video capacities this year.

Curiously, as clarified on Google’s limited time site, the music video’s introduction on YouTube will be gone before by a progression of five 30-second shorts that play in grouping across five unique TV slots in bigger urban communities of Japan, framing a “preamble” to the video. It’s logical this preamble is likewise shot with the Pixel 6, actually like the fundamental video, however that isn’t affirmed on the page.

Update 10/24: Right on time, Google and Kaze Fujii have delivered the full four and a half moment music video for “MO-EH-YO,” giving us the longest model yet of video from the Pixel 6 series in front of its delivery on October 28.

While the video film was for sure shot on the Pixel 6, recall that, being a noticeable music video, very good quality hardware like gimbals and cranes were logical being used, just as expert altering of the recording.

All things considered, there are positively a ton of parts of the “MO-EH-YO” music video that address the Pixel 6’s video ability, remembering the degree of apparent detail for the city scenes and the great bokeh in closeup shots. Lamentably, there’s just such a lot of we can decide from the video, as it is just accessible in 1080p, while the Pixel 6 is equipped for shooting at up to 4K.

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